Seasonal Tips for Gardeners

Here are some Handy Tips from Kalemis Enviroscapes

Let's go native! Sounds a little exotic but what that really means is try to use plants that are native to Missouri in your landscape plan. The benefits are great. When using native plants you can avoid the need for herbicides and pesticides, you'll use less water, have little or no need for synthetic fertilizers and they are less suceptible to climate change.

Create Interest by using a curvilinear garden bed with a mixture of plants keeping the tallest in the back of the bed and the shortest in the front of the plant bed.

Leaves.  Now is the time to clean up your lawn so your turf grass does well next spring. Too many leaves and you can smother your grass and keep it from getting the moisture it needs. The leaves also need to be removed so the winter fertilization can take place.